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We Champion Excellence

Located in Naga City, Camarines Sur, the University of Nueva Caceres is the premier seat of Science and Art in the region.

Today, we aren’t only known as the first university in Bicol — we have also grown to become a leader in the field of higher education and among the largest institutions of higher learning in the region.

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Academic Programs

Basic Education

Our basic education academic program offers the most balanced education in Bicol. On one hand, we provide students with top-notch education through a quality-assured curriculum. On the other hand, we allow them to experience holistic development through arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities. In addition, our Senior High School Program offers the unique curriculum called LINC or Learning with Industry Collaboration. This curriculum features mastery of English, immersion in technology, and network opportunities with employer partners.

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Undergraduate Programs

We are one of the few universities in Bicol that offer an extensive range of undergraduate programs. These include bachelor’s degree programs in Nursing, Information Technology, Architecture, Criminology, and more. Through these undergraduate programs, we provide our graduates with the skills and qualifications necessary to enter a dynamic global workforce environment.

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School of Graduate Studies

Our graduate programs are a commitment to our students’ personal and career development. We offer Juris Doctor and various graduate and post-graduate programs in the School of Graduate Studies. These programs, which are taught by renowned faculty members, provide the students with the knowledge and skills they can use to expand the frontiers of science, education, and commerce in the region, as well as in the country.

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School of Law

The UNC School of Law is undoubtedly a top law school in the region, producing the most number of lawyers in Camarines Sur over the last seven decades. It’s the premiere cradle of legal minds in Bicolandia providing quality training for Bicolanos.

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UNC gears up for the great, grand, and glorious DIAMOND JUBILEE!

Witness the Kick Off event of the year-long celebration of the University of Nueva Caceres Diamond Jubilee. Join us in celebrating our purposeful past, prominent present, and promising future. Watch out for the ensemble of activities and festivities ushering in the 75th Foundation Anniversary milestone of UNC. Showcase the UNCean spirit - the UNCean...

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Welcome Back to UNC!

The University of Nueva Caceres is shifting gears to maximize learning activities while observing health protocols and exercising care and caution in all matters. The Chief Architect of UNC’s resilience on all fronts and in every facet - our University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, has kept the winning momentum the UNC way, despite interruptions. The whole UNC community is in one accord to carry out our mission to ensure safety at UNC. As situations begin to improve, with hopes...

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