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Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The program helps students understand and analyze human behavior by learning basic scientific principles and an array of psychological theories. With this program, we equip students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and conduct empirical research on individual and group behaviors.

Program Outcomes

By the time of graduation, the students of the AB Political Science program shall have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply the methods of psychological inquiry in building knowledge on the local culture and context (psychological research).
  2. Demonstrate and apply psychological theories and methods in the personal and professional; setting (application of psychology).
  3. Demonstrate capability for self-reflection and independent learning in graduate education or in a professional context (independent learning).
  4. Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors in research and practice in Psychology (ethics)
Program Educational Objectives

Within three to five years, graduates of AB Psychology Program should have:

1. Possessed wholistic expertise so that they are competent to hold positions in professional practice or research and become expert in psychological field;
2. Acquired competences needed to be globally competitive and continuously adapt to the changes and advancement in their field of psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

BA Political Science centers on the study of governments, the forms and history of political institutions, political policies, and political behaviors. Graduates of this program can pursue careers in the fields of politics, public administration, international affairs, and academics.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Program should be able to:

1. Acquire a comprehensive grasp of the distinctive concepts, aspects and sub-fields of Political Science as well as their application in the social and political spheres.
2. Develop a drive to participate in public affairs and in current issues, commitment to upholding democracy, vigilance in the protection of rights and a deep devotion to the country.

Program Educational Objectives

By the time of graduation, the students of the AB Political Science program shall have the ability to:

a. Classify the major concepts in the discipline;

b. Define the distinctiveness of the discipline, its subfields, theories and methods;

c. Conduct research using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods guided by theories or conceptual

d. Demonstrate written, visual and oral presentation skills to produce reports;

e. Critique current issues based on substantive understanding of the historical and contemporary developments in
the national and global contexts;

f. Develop a predisposition towards ethical political involvement and practice in various forms.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

We give BS Biology students a strong foundation in different biological sciences such as genetics, microbiology, botany, physiology, and zoology. Our students explore these various disciplines through class lectures or discussions, laboratory work, and research.

Program Outcomes

Within three to five years graduates of BS Biology should be able to:

1. Employed in government/ private institutions and other agencies where scientists with biological expertise are needed.
2. Engage in entrepreneurial activities.
3. Conduct research in the various areas of biology.
4. Undertake post graduate education in Biology and allied fields, and
5. Practice a career in teaching.

Program Educational Objectives

a. Develop an in-depth understanding of the basic principles governing the science of life;

b. Utilize techniques/procedures relevant to biological research work in laboratory or field settings;

c. Apply basic mathematical and statistical computations and use of appropriate technologies in the analysis of biological data;

d. Extend knowledge and critically assess current views and theories in various areas of the biological sciences.

“We do not only educate the mind but we also educate the heart.”

The University of Nueva Caceres is home to student achievers. Our university has won multiple awards in different scholastic and organizational competitions, and most of our graduates are well placed. One reason behind this success is that each of our college departments performs well.

For instance, our College of Arts and Sciences is the premier seat of science and arts in the region. This department offers undergraduate programs that help develop future academicians, researchers, and professionals in the field of humanities, arts, and sciences.



To provide a balanced and integrated intellectual, moral, and social development of students through a program of studies in humanities, communications, and natural sciences.



As a service college, to provide foundation and preparatory courses, responsive to local, regional, national, and global development goals.


To develop intellectual discipline, sound thinking, and critical judgment toward enlightened citizenry, responsive to the needs of the community.


To strengthen moral and spiritual values and sense of responsibility towards the protection of the environment based on truth, freedom, and justice.


To preserve and promote Filipino culture, particularly Bicol culture, through communication skills, proper appreciation of the arts, and historical heritage.


To infuse empathy and dedication to community outreach programs and promote a continuing concern for the solution of societal problems.


To enhance scientific inquiry through the use of technology for professional competence.

The College acts as a catalyst for development in the pursuit of quality education across the humanities, the arts, and the sciences.

The College of Arts and Sciences is a dynamic and proactive provider of foundation courses that will develop academicians, researchers and responsible leaders and citizens through quality education.