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College of Engineering And Architecture

Our academic standards have already been proven through the number of board topnotchers we’ve produce over the years.

Forging Bicol’s Engines for Growth


Our College of Engineering and Architecture’s academic standards have already been proven through the number of board topnotchers we’ve produce over the years. We have also been chosen as one of the regional centers for technological programs across the country. But more importantly, our college faculty, together with our students, continues to push the frontiers of engineering and architecture education in Bicol.

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Course Offerings

Bachelor Science in Architecture

This bachelor’s degree program introduces architecture as a profession, as well as a way of understanding our natural and built environments. BS Architecture students learn concepts and skills in design, construction technologies, digital arts, social sciences, humanities, and aesthetic expression.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

This degree program focuses on the relationship between computer hardware and software systems. It meshes formal coursework (software, programming, and hardware-related courses) with practical experience so students gain the technical skills needed for the field.                             

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Rich in physics, math, and engineering science courses, this undergraduate program prepares students for employment in the field of electrical engineering. As a premier engineering college in Bicol, our students learn necessary theories, concepts, and applications.                                         

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

A degree in mechanical engineering is a combination of math, science, technology, and business and management. We’ve designed our program courses to make sure graduates can help construct and improve systems and products ranging from tools to generators. As such, the graduates of this program work in various fields.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering consists of course programs that prepare students for the demands of the field. BS Civil Engineering students learn to design, plan, build, and manage the infrastructure while taking into consideration factors such as the purpose of the project, natural disasters, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering focuses on teaching students to conceptualize, design, and implement a range of computer, communication, and electronic systems and devices. Students may also specialize in several areas, such as wireless components or systems.                                                             .


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Work as professionals with technical expertise and competence to hold positions in professional practice or research and become expert in their chosen profession;


Develop a strong sense of professional responsibility and social awareness


This college commits itself to:

  1. Provide a conducive and scholarly environment to enhance student’s analytical skills, critical thinking, and creativity;
  2. Develop graduates to be socially responsible, productive, and competent professionals in the country and beyond.


Guided by value-centered instruction and service, this college seeks to become the country’s leading college in Engineering and Architecture where theory and ethical practice foster professional excellence.