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Junior High School

The University of Nueva Caceres High School Department maintains the university’s reputation of offering the most balanced education in the Bicol region.


Distinction in Academics

UNC Junior High School Department is home to the most outstanding students in the region: recognized young leaders and achievers in various disciplines. Our alumni have created big names in many industries today — be it in the local, national, or international scene.

One thing that makes our high school students excel in both academics and life is the support they get from our educators. Our teachers utilize modern, innovative strategies in instruction. Classes are mostly heterogeneous, facilitating balanced and exciting interaction during lectures and discussions.

On top of that, since we are majority-owned by AC Education, UNC provides the Learning with Industry Collaboration (LINC) program for senior high school students. Whether the students prefer to pursue and succeed in college or enter the workforce directly, this program arms them with the appropriate capabilities. It also complements the academic strands that senior high school students choose under the K-12 program.


Molding Young Minds

The University of Nueva Caceres High School Department maintains the university’s reputation of offering the most balanced education in the Bicol region. For one, we provide our students with quality education through an excellent curriculum and a highly competent faculty. We also enable students to experience holistic development through sports, arts, and other extra-curricular activities. With this holistic approach to learning, we have produced graduates who are more than college-ready.


Top Junior High School in Bicol

Enroll your teens at UNC Senior High School today, and give them the education that will help them excel in life as much as in school. The quality of our education is comparable to other schools in Manila, but we offer one of the lowest tuition rates in Naga City. With our affordable fees, we nurture more Bicolanos and lead them to a better tomorrow.


Course Objectives & Outcomes



The learners are expected to sufficiently master the competencies and acquire the 21st century skills necessary for higher education and world of work, that will empower them to be pro-active, socially and ecologically responsive citizens.



  • To utilize education as an instrument in producing graduates who are committed to be of service to God, Country and Humanity.
  • To adopt a well-integrated program that is responsive to the needs of the learners and their community.
  • To serve as a “Laboratory of life” by exposing learners to programs and instructions that will adequately prepare them to face the challenges in the tertiary level or life outside the academe.


Completers of the Junior High School Curricular Program are technology and digital media literate, language proficient, nurturing and empowered individuals who can efficiently respond to the challenges and demands of the academe and society.



  • To develop cerebral competence and skills which are basic to literacy, productivity and entrepreneurship.
  • To nurture desirable values that help one come up with appropriate assessment and judgment.
  • To provide guidance in the development of a balanced personality.
  • To equip learners with essential training for empowerment, leadership, responsible citizenship and intelligent fellowship.
  • To introduce programs /activities that will develop students’ appreciation for and potentials in sports.
  • To provide opportunities for discovery and development of talents in arts, music and literature.


Our Mission

In realization of this vision, the UNC High School Department selflessly commits to provide quality basic education that develops 21st Century skills and cerebral competence; nurtures desirable values; fashions aesthetic senses; molds athletic potentials; equips essential training for leadership and self-empowerment, and dedicates to the pursuit of Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge.


Our Vision

The UNC High School Department envisions functional and literate individual who, nurtured with desirable values and aware of his responsibilities, empowers himself through positive resources to serve his family, country, humanity and the Almighty.