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College of Nursing

UNC aims to produce a new breed of nurses who are determined to continue our tradition of excellence and promote the virtue of integrity while responding to the changing healthcare needs of the world. 

Nurturing Bicolanos to care for the country and the world: UNC College of Nursing.

Welcome to the UNC College of Nursing, where our unwavering commitment is to cultivate a generation of Bicolano nurses who possess an unwavering dedication to upholding our legacy of excellence and championing the values of integrity. Our overarching goal is to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the evolving healthcare demands of not only our nation but also the global community. As a result, we are proud to offer exceptional and pertinent nursing education that prepares our students for a successful and impactful career in the field.

At UNC College of Nursing, we understand the significance of quality nursing education in shaping the future of healthcare. Through our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning experiences, we strive to instill in our students a deep sense of responsibility, empathy, and professionalism. Our distinguished faculty, comprising seasoned nursing professionals and experts in various specialties, are dedicated to delivering an enriching educational experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.


Course Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for the sick and injured. The program centers on four main areas of study: (1) health promotion, (2) disease prevention, (3) risk reduction, and (4) health restoration.

Caregiving NC II

Caregiving NC II is a seven-month technical-vocational course that trains students to provide care and support to the elderly, infants and toddlers, patients with disability and special needs, as well as those who require end-of-life care.


Program Outcomes


Apply knowledge of physical, social, natural science and humanities in the practice of nursing in accordance with existing laws, legal, ethical and moral principles.


Utilize the nursing process in performing safe, appropriate and holistic care to individuals, families, population groups and communities observing the core value of a nurse.


Apply guidelines and principles of evidence based practice in the delivery of care.


Practice beginning management and leadership skills using the system approach, and be able to produce research with an experienced researcher in nursing and other related fields.


Communicate and work effectively in collaboration with inter-, intra-, and multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams.


Engage in life- long learning, incorporating evidence-based practice both national and global developmental issues innovating the health care system.


Practice beginning management and leadership skills using the system approach, and be able to produce research with an experienced researcher in nursing and other related fields.


As a college, our task is to provide excellent, relevant, and quality nursing education that will dynamically mold our graduates for professional development and global competitiveness.


A new breed of nurses determined to continue the tradition of excellence, imbued with the virtues of integrity, respect for persons, justice, and solidarity as they effectively respond to changing health care needs of the society and the world.

1. After 3 to 5 years the BSN alumni will demonstrate the intellectual qualities, interpersonal skills, technical competence of a caring professional nurse who are globally competitive and attune to evidence based practice in their chosen fields of nursing.
2. A professional nurse, who assumes leadership roles, responsive to the demands of the society, influences others, who advocate for patients, nurses and the profession.
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