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Professional Employment Program

PEP builds on the academic foundation of college seniors, preparing them for industry success and  doubling their chances of employment within 90 days of their graduation.


The Bridge Between Academe and Industry

 Five out of ten young adults (aged 15 to 24) in the Philippines are unemployed, and two out of five jobless young Filipinos are college graduates or bachelor’s degree holders. AC Education sees job-skills mismatch as the reason behind these unsatisfactory employment statistics among fresh grads in the country.

In fact, a news article published on ManilaTimes.net in March 2017 reported that job-skills mismatch is, indeed, the prime driver of unemployment and underemployment. According to the Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP), more than a million graduates in 2017 would find it difficult to land jobs because of a growing mismatch between their training and the skills required by many companies in the Philippines today. This is exactly the problem that PEP wants to address.

With PEP, we bridge the gap between the academe and the industry. For one whole semester, we place our senior students in a professional work environment, right within our classrooms, where they undergo real training and develop real skills.

How PEP Works

How PEP Works

In this program, there are no lectures, quizzes, and exams. Our classrooms look like an office/workplace, and students go through the motion of a professional coming to work, complete with the required office attire. We put students in real work situations and give them work-related projects. Our trainers evaluate the tasks they do against today’s employment standards — what the industries require.

Our students gain skills necessary to get their first job within 90 days after graduation and thrive in their chosen career path. Through fun, exciting, and innovative learning activities, our students learn how to communicate, interact with professionals, and handle pressure at work. They may fail in their projects, but we encourage them to try again, to work harder, and to work smarter.

Simply put, PEP delivers innovative education methods that hone the leaders of the 21st century. 


Changing Lives Through PEP

Finding a rewarding career is every college graduate’s dream — and PEP is here to help UNC graduates realize their vision. In just a few years after we’ve run the program, many of our graduates landed a job within three months after getting their diplomas. We’ve also seen a 45% increase in our graduates’ starting salary.

Through PEP, we haven’t only enabled many young Bicolanos to raise their standards of living, but we have also inspired them to raise the standards they expect from themselves. In the process of bridging the skills gap between the graduates and industries, we have found ourselves transforming young lives, too.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our Professional Employment Program (PEP) and how it can help jump start your career.