Local Historical Marker: LGU- Naga’s Gift to UNC

by | Aug 19, 2023 | Bicol Mail

With President Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya at the helm, the University of Nueva Caceres community came together to rejoice and witness the historic Unveiling of a Local Historical Marker and Turnover Ceremonies in UNC Campus during the 75th Charter Anniversary of Naga City last June 2023. This memorable moment and proud phase of the UNCean journey was brought forth by the Local Government of Naga, headed by our City Mayor, Honorable Atty. Nelson S. Legacion, through the Department of City Events, Protocol and Public Information Office, led by Mr. Allen Reondanga.

Double Diamond Celebration

1948 marks the Charter Anniversary of Naga City and the birth of the University of Nueva Caceres. Together, Naga City and UNC journeyed and ushered in their Diamond Jubilee this 2023. As Naga City celebrates its Charter Anniversary, it presented and gifted UNC with a Local Historical Marker. The City of Naga is the seat of good local governance while the University of Nueva Caceres is home to quality education in the city. With a shared spirit, common culture, collective vision, and combined aspirations, LGU-Naga and UNC shall march with the mission of nurturing better tomorrows and expanding opportunities for all.

Hour of Historic Happening

During this historic Unveiling of a Local Historical Marker and Turnover Ceremonies, the UNC Glee Club and the UNC Band led us in saying the University Prayer and singing the Philippine National Anthem. Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., UNC Vice President for Academic Affairs, gave the welcome remarks. Mr. Elmer Baldemoro, City Administrator read the Executive Order Authorizing the Historical Marker Installation. Hon. Atty. Nelson S. Legacion, Mayor of the City of Naga, and Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, President of the University of Nueva Caceres, led the unveiling of the Local Historical Marker. Mr. Allen Reondanga, Department Head of City Events, Protocol and Public Information Office read the Historical Marker Inscription. City Officials and University Administration also witnessed this event.

As UNC embraces its great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee, we pay tribute to the countless UNceans and Naguenos who emerged and rose to become community builders and public servants who are touching lives, nurturing dreams, leaving legacies, and changing the future for the greater good. The Local Government of Naga and UNC shall relish the beautiful bond to nurture future-ready citizens. Fittingly, during the historic event, proudly and gladly, we sang the Naga City Hymn and the UNC Hymn.

Iconic Chiefs Side By Side

The Chief Executive of the Naga City Local Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the University of Nueva Caceres join hands to symbolize the “town and gown” synergy. On that beautiful day, we were delighted to listen to the message of the father of our city, who is an outstanding Nagueno, an exceptional public servant, and a distinguished and outstanding UNC School of Law alumnus, our City Mayor, Hon. Atty. Nelson S. Legacion. This was followed by the acceptance message from UNC’s Captain, the visionary President who opened a new chapter, marked a new milestone and ushered in UNC’s Diamond era, our beloved University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya – the gem leader of this Diamond University.

From marshland to monumental and from provincial to prominent is the journey of this Diamond University – UNC. 75 years and counting, our past is not only our memory but our history. Each day is history in the making. Now is another milestone moment. This beautiful Local Historical Marker gifted by the City Government of Naga is another chief reminder of UNC’s purposeful past, prominent present, and promising future. As we herald and hail UNC’s Diamond Era, we luminate the legacy, magnify the history, and fulfill the destiny that belongs to UNC. Like one of the strongest substances and most stylish stones known to man – the precious and priceless diamond, UNC is built to last – for God’s greater glory.

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