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Academic Schedule

School Year 2023-2024
2nd Semester Application for Colleges, Graduate Studies and Law is Ongoing.
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School Year 2024-2025
1st Semester Application for All Levels is Ongoing.
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What are the requirements for enrollment?
Enrollment Process for Freshmen/Transferees and Readmissions.

Enrollment Process for Re-Enrollees.

What are the available payment options?

UNC offers different modes of payment for your convenience! It can be made not only through on-site campus transactions but also through mobile banking and transfers, bayad/collection centers, and banks.

  • Online
    ECPay – this payment option can be accessed in the enrollment confirmation page
  • Payment Mobile Apps
    BPI Online Bills Payment
    GCash Bills Payment
  • Payment Centers
    Bayad Center
  • Banks
    CHINA BANK Account No. — 262-083-911-2
    METRO BANK Account No. — 247 324751104-1
    BDO Account No. — 005978012226
    BPI Account No. — 3923-0524-28
    RCBC Account No. — 001390800114
  • Onsite
    UNC Teller
How to request for school credentials?

To request for your credentials please follow these steps.
1.Fill out: Request for School Record Forms (For Onsite)

Email: [email protected]
Subject: Request of Credentials

Name of Requestor:
Student ID Number:
Purpose of Request:
Document Type:

Via Email (For Online)

2. Verify Clearance
3. Pay for the requested credentials
4. Submit accomplished Request for School Record Forms
5. Preparation of Requested Documents
6. Release of Requested Credentials.

TOR valid for Employment: 110.00
Documentary Stamp: 36.00

Honorable Dismissal: 110.00
TOR: 110.00
Documentary Stamp: 72.00 (36.00 each)


How to avail of Bukas All-in Plan?

Step 1. Register
Begin your application process by going to the Bukas site at app.bukas.ph/intro. Input your OES number in lieu of your ID number. Register your personal mobile number to receive a OTP code for verification.

Step 2. Set up and complete your profile
Fill in the information needed to complete Bukas profile. It is recommended to complete all the details before submitting an application for higher chances of approval.

In the profile creation step, we will be asking for the following details:

Basic Information – Fill in the required fields in this portion completely and correctly. Make sure the mobile number inputted of the student/applicant is their personal number and can be contacted as this is how Bukas will get in touch with the student for updates on your application.

Student’s Email Address – Make sure the inputted email is their personal email. An email to verify this email address.

Review all the information inputted, edit if needed, and click SUBMIT.

Step 3. Verification

  • Valid ID (school ID or any government issued ID)
  • Assessment Form (SOA or Certificate of Billing)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Income*

Upload ID

Make sure when UPLOADING or TAKING photo from device of the ID, it is not CROPPED or BLURRY and document clearly show your ID. Name and ID number should be clearly visible. Issues with ID will cause delays in processing. List of Accepted Valid ID

ID should be readable and face should be fully seen. Do not cover any part of the ID or face. Make sure it is a clear copy.

Step 4. Selecting your preferred Bukas All-In Plan
Indicate how much coverage you need: 1,000 PHP- 50,000 PHP
Choose your payment plan: 4 Months at 0% interest or 12 Monhts at 1% Interest.

Proof of Address
Make sure that your address is the same with the address stated on our profile. Uploaded or taken photos should not be blurry. Name and address must be seen clearly. List of Valid Proof Residence

Guardian Information
Guardian can be parent or someone who’s taking care of the student who is residing in the Philippines. He/She should be at least 21 years old and willing to be the emergency contact and must have a contactable number and email address.

Guarantor Information
Guarantor will be the one helping to finance the student’s education.
● 21 years old above
● Can be residing in the Philippines or not.
● Can be the guardian
● Working students can be their own guarantor
*Note: It is highly encouraged to submit Proof of Income. List of Valid Proof of Income

Step 5. Confirm your Bukas All-In Plan
Students will receive and email and SMS on the status of their application. Once approved, the student need to login and CONFIRM the installment plan. No disbursement will be made without the student’s confirmation.

Step 6. Coordination w/ UNC regarding the approved plan
Once the student has confirmed the installment plan, Bukas will coordinate approved amount to UNC in order to validate that the student is enrolled after 2-3 business days. Notification will be sent to your email.

How do I pay via GCash?

Follow these simple steps to pay your tuition fee using the GCash App:

1. Open GCash APP
2. Choose Pay Bills
3. Under Biller Categories, choose Schools
4. Choose University of Nueva Caceres from the list of schools that will appear on the screen.
5. Fill-out the needed info and proceed with payment. P20 charge will be added on top of the amount entered for payment.

How do I pay via PayMaya?

Follow these simple steps to pay your tuition fee using the PayMaya App:

1. Open the PayMaya App.
2. Choose Pay Biils.
3. Under Biller Catergories, choose Schools
4. Choose University of Nueva Caceres from the list of schools that will appear on screen.
5. Fill out the needed Info such as Application Number/Student ID Number, Complete Name and Amount.

**Biller Convience Fee (BCF) may apply.**

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