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School of Law

The UNC School of Law is undoubtedly a top law school in the region, producing the most number of lawyers in Camarines Sur over the last seven decades.

Molding Minds for the Service of God, Country, and Humanity


The college envisions itself as the premier cradle of legal minds in the Bicol region, nurturing the students in a learning environment that transforms them into lawyers who aren’t only professionals but also individuals with a deep sense of purpose beyond themselves.

In 1948, The University of Nueva Caceres School of Law has pioneered the legal education and has been producing the Pillars of the Law in Bicolandia. The School of Law is geared towards developing and teaching students about law and jurisprudence to prepare them not only to be lawyers but to apply the law in their daily lives.UNC law has produced bar top notchers, prosecutors, and esteemed judges in the region. It is also the home of legal practitioner educators who manifest a deep sense of purpose beyond themselves and nurture students into transformative leaders who bring about positive change in the world.

The Law Department continues to champion excellence as it is the only university in Camarines Sur to offer the prestigious Master of Laws (LL.M.), which will advance a legal practitioner’s knowledge and expertise.

UNC School of Law, still the premiere cradle of legal minds in Bicolandia providing quality training for Bicolanos.


Course Offerings

Juris Doctor

The Bachelor of Laws is a four-year graduate program that prepares students to become lawyers. This program includes eight major subjects: Civil, Commercial, Criminal, International, Labor, Political, Remedial, and Tax laws.

Master of Laws

The Master of Laws is a postgraduate program for law students who wish to further specialize in a particular area of law practice. Specialization areas may include commercial, finance, human rights, international business, and tax law.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


The UNC School of Law aims to produce graduates imbued with profound commitment to uphold the Rule of Law and abiding devotion to the administration of justice for all conformably with changing social and economic norms.



The UNC College of Law shall pursue time – honored methodologies in shaping the legal minds of the students such as, but not limited to, the following:


Immersion of students in the mechanics and pursuit of the legal aid program in cooperation with the local chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines;


Integration of the case – digest system of instruction, and;


Exposure to law office management, lawyer – client relationship, as well as actual court and administrative proceedings.


To be able to achieve this dream, the department undertakes to make a shift from teacher-oriented to learning-centered strategies. Focus will be on the production of a more profound enhancement in the students’ lives by encouraging them to be more critical, creative and proactive learners. Towards this end, full support will be given to faculty development and opportunities for the exposure of students to practical legal situation will be provided.


The UNC School of Law envisions itself to be the premier cradle of legal minds in Bicolandia, nurturing its students to be transformative leaders who will bring about the change that we want to see in the world, bringing forth a community of learners who will be responsible to the global challenges. We hope to mold lawyers who manifest a deep sense of purpose beyond themselves.


○ Required units from pre-law degree in the following subject areas:
 18 units – English
 18 units – Social Sciences
 6 units – Mathematics
* if there are deficient units, student must enroll the same during the 1st semester of their 1st year in the study of law
○ Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records
○ Certified True Copy of Special Order (S.O.)
○ NBI Clearance
○ PSA Birth Certificate
○ PSA Marriage Certificate *for married female only
○ 1 pc. Documentary Stamp
○ Official receipt for C-1 P60.00
○ 3 pcs. 2×2 picture size with name printed therein


○ Honorable dismissal
○ Official Transcript of Records
○ NBI Clearance
○ Original or Authenticated copy PSA Birth Certificate
○ Original or Authenticated copy PSA Marriage Certificate
○ Three (3) pcs. 2×2 size picture with name printed therein


○ Verification Slip (Accounting Office, Window 5)
○ Previous Semester Grades (Registrar’s Office)
○ Supporting documents if there are changes in the student profile