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University Museum

Bicol’s first and only museum

The University Museum is a pet project of Dr. Jaime Hernandez, the founder of the University of Nueva Caceres. It was started October 1, 1952, having as one of its primary aims to collect objects of interest in the arts and sciences.  The University of Nueva Caceres is the second educational institution in the Philippines to have a museum.

The museum has a collection of important objects of historical, cultural, ethnographical, and scientific value, to name a few: native’s body ornaments, worship objects, household and hunting tools, and even burial artifacts.  Laws of the Indies and ancient Filipino writings which have significant bearings in our history and culture are available for research and investigation. The Archeological Gallery contains Chinese porcelains and earthenware as well as barters from the West Indies.

Centuries old religious images and Spanish documents constitute the Spanish Gallery.  Colonial lifestyle through a collection of books containing riddles, awits, corridos, folksongs, legends and traditions can be accessed through the mini-library of the museum.  

The grim result of the second world war showcases the American-Japanese gallery.  Military orders, documents, and weaponry completes this gallery.

The University Museum, a much-sought-after venue for research and tours will continue in the preservation of our history and culture.


Highlighting this gallery is the showcase of the healthy trade of our ancestors with various cultures in the region, and the foreign traders. Significant artifacts are on display that show proof of our ancestors’ advanced  way of living and it’s influences in literature and culture.

Spanish Period

Religion and politics are the powerful elements displayed in this gallery – pageantry of these religions come to life in fiestas, celebrations that combine colorful spectacle and the fervor of faith. Politics on the other hand, are well documented in several Spanish documents and books.


The grim reminder of war and its aftermath are conveyed in this gallery that includes war armaments, paraphernalia and photos. Education and other public welfare advancement constitutes most of this gallery.

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